Aerial drone Photography, video & virtual tours

We produce stunning aerial drone photography and videos for a diverse range of organisations and brands in the UK.

We’ve got over 10 years experience using drones to add that extra ingredient to the photography,  videos or 360 virtual tours we produce – creating engaging visual experiences that help our clients make lasting impressions.

Whether it’s a hotel, a property development or a corporate HQ, it’s about using the fresh, unique perspective of the drone for maximum impact.

Why use Soft-Focus Productions for Aerial Drone footage?

Fully Licensed & Insured

We are Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Approved and hold an A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC). This means we’re a fully licensed commercial operator of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, in the UK for day and night work. We’re also fully insured, so you can rest assured your project is in safe hands.


Flying Permits & Permissions

We’ll make sure that all the relevant local authorities are aware of the shoot and that all processes, specified by the Civil Aviation Authority, are adhered to. We will also ensure that any local no-fly zones are respected.

Highly Experienced & Safe

Being experienced, frequent flyers we’re used to safely flying our drones in the most challenging locations. And in all weather conditions too – we do live in the UK after all!

Ultra High Resolution Camera

We use a gyro-stabilised, ultra HD 4k resolution leading-edge camera to capture all our aerial drone footage. Meaning that there’ll be no discernable loss in image quality when we use drone footage within a video or 360 virtual tour.

Brand & Communications Professionals

Many inexperienced aerial drone film companies think that once they’ve captured the footage, it’s pretty much job done.

We believe in creating truly unforgettable experiences – for our client’s target audiences.

Business-to-business, consumers or internal stakeholders, we’ll work with you in post production to ensure the final product makes maximum impact for your brand.

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Examples of different types of Aerial Drone projects

Aerial Drone Photography – Blenheim Palace

We took our drone to the sky and captured images and footage showcasing the vast and unique location of this film-set for our clients.

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Aerial Drone Video – Fews Marquees

We used our drone to capture some stunning video footage to form part of this ‘wedding video’ for luxury marquee manufacturer, Fews Marquees. 

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Aerial Drone 360 Virtual Tours – Spitfire Homes

We used our drone in this 360 Virtual Tour of the beautifully restored Haseley Manor for Spitfire Homes.

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