Venue Virtual Tour With Green Screen Video

360 Virtual Tour, Video

Flight Simulators Midlands’ virtual tours entice customers by offering a captivating preview of their aviation training and experiences. This immersive experience drives sales by showcasing the venue’s state-of-the-art technology and enticing visitors to book training and experiences directly from their website. By providing an engaging and convenient platform for exploration, Flight Simulators Midlands’ virtual tours effectively convert online visitors into paying customers, boosting revenue and bookings.


Flight Simulators Midlands


360 Virtual Tour, Video


Corporate Services, Education, Hospitality


Coventry, West Midlands

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Elevating Engagement:
A Virtual Tour and Green Screen Video Production for Flight Simulators Midlands

In the bustling aviation training and experience industry, Flight Simulators Midlands stands out as a premier venue in Coventry. With a diverse clientele ranging from future pilots to corporate teams and adventure seekers, the need to showcase their cutting-edge facilities and state-of-the-art simulators became paramount. We were tasked with crafting an immersive digital experience to enhance Flight Simulators Midlands’ online presence, drive bookings, and elevate their SEO strategy.

Client Background
Flight Simulators Midlands offers comprehensive pilot training programs, hosts corporate events, and provides thrilling experience days for the public. Situated close to Coventry Airport, their venue has simulators and facilities, attracting aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Project Scope
Our objective was clear: create a dynamic virtual tour embedded with green screen video segments featuring staff discussing the venue’s facilities and simulators. This project aimed to engage visitors, drive bookings, and enhance Flight Simulators Midlands’ SEO performance through increased user dwell time.

We commenced by understanding Flight Simulators Midlands’ brand identity, target audience, and unique selling points. Collaborating closely with their team, we crafted a detailed storyboard outlining the virtual tour’s flow and key video segments. To infuse the tour with thematic elements reminiscent of aviation, we designed a custom interface resembling aircraft controls, ensuring an immersive user experience.

Production Process
With meticulous planning in place, our production team commenced filming on-site at Flight Simulators Midlands. Utilising the green screen they already had set up, we captured staff members discussing the venue’s features, simulators, and training programs. Each segment was carefully scripted to convey essential information while maintaining a dynamic and engaging tone.

Simultaneously, our team meticulously captured 360-degree imagery of Flight Simulators Midlands’ facilities, including the cockpit setups, briefing rooms, and reception area. We ensured every angle was captured to provide users with a comprehensive view of the venue’s offerings.

Integration and Customisation 
Post-production, our team seamlessly integrated the green screen video segments into the virtual tour, allowing users to interact with staff members as they navigate through the venue. Additionally, we customised the interface to reflect Flight Simulators Midlands’ branding and aviation theme, enhancing the overall visual appeal and user experience.

Benefits and Results
The completed virtual tour and green screen video production yielded significant benefits for Flight Simulators Midlands. By providing prospective customers with an immersive digital experience, we effectively increased user engagement and dwell time on their website. This not only enhanced Flight Simulators Midlands’ SEO performance but also translated into higher conversion rates and increased bookings.

The personalised touch of staff members discussing the venue’s features added authenticity and credibility, fostering trust with potential clients. Furthermore, the thematic interface design contributed to a cohesive brand experience, reinforcing Flight Simulators Midlands’ position as a leader in aviation training and experiences.

 In conclusion, our collaboration with Flight Simulators Midlands exemplifies the power of innovative digital solutions in driving business growth and enhancing customer engagement. Through the creation of a bespoke virtual tour embedded with green screen video segments, we successfully elevated Flight Simulators Midlands’ online presence, increased bookings, and optimised their SEO performance.

As the aviation industry continues to evolve, embracing immersive digital experiences becomes imperative for businesses seeking to stand out in a competitive landscape. With our tailored approach and commitment to excellence, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Flight Simulators Midlands and empowering them to reach new heights of success.