Soda Folk – X Factor Cans


When opportunities knock, it’s not just about answering the door; it’s about making a lasting impression. And that’s precisely what Soda Folk achieved when they found themselves in the spotlight, gifting their delectable beverages to the discerning palates of The X Factor judges. In a bid to stand out, they went the extra mile by crafting bespoke cans, adorned with unique artwork tailored to each judge’s taste.


Soda Folk






Soft-Focus Productions Studio, Warwick

Our mission? To ensure that this extraordinary moment was immortalised in flawless product photography. With the clock ticking and London calling, time was undoubtedly of the essence. Yet, we faced an additional challenge – preserving the pristine allure of the packaging for the judges’ discerning eyes.

These cans, fresh off the production line, were unique creations, and our client hadn’t had the chance to capture their essence through the lens before. This presented an exciting opportunity, not only for Soda Folk but for their ever-expanding audience on social media. A new wave of followers was on the horizon, and the brand sought to enthral them with a captivating visual narrative.

With professional imagery of these one-of-a-kind products, specially designed for their celebrity admirers, Soda Folk aimed to showcase not just the excellence of their beverages but also the unparalleled quality embedded within their company ethos and branding. It wasn’t just about the drinks; it was about the artistry, innovation, and dedication that went into each custom can – a testament to their commitment to delighting both taste buds and the eyes of their cherished clientele.

In the world of commercial photography, we understand that every moment is an opportunity, and every product is a story waiting to be told. Soda Folk’s journey with The X Factor judges was one such moment, and we were privileged to capture it, transforming it into a visual masterpiece that would leave a lasting impression on their growing legion of admirers.

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