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Reynolds Press chose to scrap all stock images and show off their own on their new website, paying extra detail to special case study pieces.


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Reynolds Press is an independent design and print company and also a genuine Warwickshire-based business success story. Formed in a bedroom in Holbrook Lane, Coventry in 1947, they grew to become an award-winning, leading light within the UK’s print industry with a prestigious client list including Barclays Bank, Royal Mail, Lloyds of London and Aldi. Now based in Stoneleigh Park, Reynolds Press use leading-edge technology to produce distinctive, sustainably sourced printed literature for their clients. In 2021 they approached us to produce some new product photographs for their new website.

What is product photography & why is it useful for businesses?
Product photography is that type of commercial photography which focuses on styling individual products in order to make them more appealing to consumers. Effective, professional product photography can help businesses highlight unique product features, increase the perceived value of their products and achieve brand consistency online. And it can help increase sales, too. After we delivered their new improved product photos, our e-commerce clients typically saw a 10 to 30% increase in conversion rates.

Our work in product photography
We’ve been bringing products to life and helping UK businesses sell to their target audiences since 2011. With product photography, no two projects are ever the same, and this means taking a flexible and innovative approach to each one. Take a look at what this really means, with our Reynolds Press case study.

Client Brief: In 2021, Reynolds Press were rebranding and wanted a suite of high quality photos for their new website to replace the stock images used and ones taken on their phones. Photographs that were not only going to showcase their expertise but also the beautiful, bespoke products they create for their clients.

The Challenges: For some product shots, Reynolds wanted a really high level of detail so people could clearly see the actual fibres in the quality materials they use. Reynolds had some very special items that they wished to promote and create a case study around, so each one of these needed its own, unique style. Reynolds also wanted a consistent background throughout to match their new branding and website. And with the initial stages of the project being during the height of Covid-19, we all had lockdown rules to follow.

Our Approach: Setting-up any product photography shoot is always a unique challenge, even more so during a pandemic lockdown.

Our solution was to do an initial online live product shoot, to help us align expectations.

We had boxes of Reynolds’ products dropped off at our studio.

We then set up a video call, tethering our camera to our computer screen so Reynolds could view the images live at their office and guide us with any feedback. This enabled us to trial various backgrounds quickly and efficiently – minimising the impact on our client’s busy schedule, too. We then sent the images to Reynolds to test on their website to ensure the image backgrounds matched the new site design. Once this was decided, we continued the rest of the shoot independently.

Project Delivery: Due to the complex nature of the project and the subtle variations required, we quickly had to educate ourselves in the print industry. This involved learning all about binding types, laminations, embossing, die and laser cutting, ink-jet and toner printing and more. We delivered over 100 product photographs in the first phase, with more being added in an additional shoot later in the year. The high-resolution photographs were sent to the client electronically, with the majority being 800×600 pixels to minimise file size and help website download speeds.

The Outcome: Our client was very happy with the end result, not only with the photographs themselves but also how we had handled the whole project. So much so that a few months later we were requested to shoot some more product images, in the same style. We were pleased to hear Reynolds say that their new website really felt like it was “theirs” now that they had their own photographs throughout.


Can we help you improve your product photos?
We love hearing from new clients and seeing how we can help them increase sales by improving their product photography. Get in touch today and we’ll talk you through the process.