The Court House Warwick – Virtual Tour

360 Virtual Tour

This virtual tour enabled potential clients to see the venue in the set up that closely matched their event. It can be hard and even off-putting to visual a corporate event at a show-around when it’s on a wedding set up day and vice versa.


The Court House


360 Virtual Tour





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The Court House in Warwick stands as an iconic building above the Tourist Information Centre, positioned between St Mary’s Church and Warwick Castle.

Functioning as a multipurpose venue, The Court House offers remarkable versatility in its offerings. However, it was necessary to showcase this versatility in a more interactive manner to cater to all potential customers. This allows them to envision the venue in a style similar to their event, thereby facilitating their ability to see themselves there and feel more inclined to book a visit or proceed with booking their event. For instance, for couples exploring wedding venues, it can be challenging to visualise the venue solely as a corporate function room, and vice versa.

Furthermore, this approach has significantly saved The Court House time in staging rooms for potential clients, as the venue can now be viewed in multiple layouts.

Through the creation of this virtual tour, we have been able to maintain the camera’s position and dress the rooms accordingly. This enables us to showcase the various layouts and events typically hosted at The Court House, providing a comprehensive glimpse into its charm and versatility and save the Court House time but also convert more sales in bookings.