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With a legacy dating back to 1972, Micheldever Group has emerged as the unrivalled titan in the UK’s tyre wholesale industry. What began as a humble venture has grown into a monumental force, boasting the status of the largest tyre wholesaler in the nation. This remarkable journey is marked by an expansive network of independent fast-fit and mechanical garages, which now stretches across the entire United Kingdom.


Micheldever Tyres






Southam, Warwickshire

As Micheldever Group continued to raise the bar for excellence in their field, they recognised the profound impact that captivating imagery could have on their brand presence. In their quest to disseminate their comprehensive tyre offerings and introduce cutting-edge products to the market, they entrusted us with a pivotal mission: to capture high-quality images of their diverse range of tyres for promotional materials.

This task came with its unique set of challenges, particularly as some of the tyres were entirely new to the market, devoid of any prior visual representation. The imagery we produced needed to be nothing short of exceptional to meet the lofty branding expectations and engage the broad, discerning audience that spans the nation.

To ensure we met these standards, we established a fully equipped pop-up studio at our client’s site, affording us the flexibility to seamlessly swap in tyres as required. During the meticulous photoshoot, our team’s expertise shone through as we employed a range of techniques. For certain brands, we executed full 360-degree product spins on our custom-made product photography spinner, allowing viewers to appreciate every facet of the tyres. Others were captured through standard photography at various angles, ensuring that the intricate details of the diverse treads were impeccably highlighted.

In the end, the results spoke for themselves, exceeding our client’s expectations in every regard. The images we produced now grace printed posters adorning garages nationwide and are prominently featured on their website. They have become potent visual ambassadors, representing not only the products themselves but also the relentless commitment to excellence that defines Micheldever Group.

As we eagerly anticipate the next batch of tyres to roll into the limelight, we remain steadfast in our dedication to capturing the essence of innovation, performance, and quality. Watch this space as we continue to set the wheels of progress in motion with Micheldever Group.

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