The Court House Warwick

Virtual Tour of Iconic Warwick court house, WARWICK

Multi-use venue, multi shoot.

The Court House in Warwick is a beautiful multipurpose venue  in the heart of the town with an excellent view of St Mary’s Church, The Court House is filled with history and iconic features. It has two key spaces for events, from weddings, banquets and corporate events, and backs onto the beautiful Pageant Garden. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the venue was unable to accommodate show around viewings in person, due to national lockdowns and local travel restrictions. This made it tricky for potential guests to know whether this was the correct venue for them to book, as all they could see before on an initial call to the website was stand alone photography, which can be hard to gauge room proportions and really give off a warm buzz. 

For The Court House we created a virtual tour using our custom made platform, where we shot the two main function rooms in the same position, multi-function room viewing, and dressed the room around the camera based on the different types of key events that the venue regularly hosted, such as cabaret style, banquet and even empty. 

Now viewers on their website can see what the function rooms will look like dressed specifically for the event they are planning which captures the viewers attention and allows them to visualise their event, leading to an increase in stronger sales leads.

Project Details

Virtual Tour for popular Warwick destination The Court House, Warwick.


Warwickshire County Council


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