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Product Photography for Reynolds Press, a print specialist.

Reynolds Press wished to populate their brand new website with new product photography, showing off the final items but also the finer detailing that their company has to offer. On their previous website they were using a mix between stock images and some of their own images they had taken themselves, therefore no branded format was used.

To strengthen the company’s branding we agreed on the best background their products should be shot on, which would best compliment their new branded website colours. We kept the style of photographs consistent between the two styles used to show off either the product itself or the process of the detailing on the product. These images tied the website together to enforce their brand recognition and increase their positioning within the market. 

Results, return on investment and future plans: With their new photos of their products Reynolds Pess were able to reach out to other social media platforms such as Pinterests, and Google My Business where having their own images are key, this increased their brand awareness and enable them to gain a new target audience to bring back to their new website. Having increased the quality of their own images they have also been able to provide more detailing in their case studies, as they can show off the various finishing touches that they personally provided to the customer.

Executive summary: We provided Reynolds Press with an array of new images to tie with their new company branding and compliment their new website. Having these images allowed them to branch out into more online platforms where they were required to have their new images to perform on, which increased their customer engagement on their website leading to an increase in sales from a new audience. Prior to this they were having to use stock images or images they had taken themselves which were not to a professional standard and therefore less appealing.

Challenges: Before having their products professionally captured, our customer was having to use similar stock images to their products or create their own images with lower quality equipment. This was a challenge to them as it did not allow them to compete on certain social online platforms due to images not being theirs to promote as their own, and therefore unable to gain interest from those platforms. With the large range of products that they provide and the quality that is provided in each and every item, this really needed showing off with a professional camera.

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Professional Product Photography

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Series of over 100 print products for a new website.


Reynolds Press


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