Virtual tours are now seen as an essential part of marketing strategy by many care providers.

Already, more than 400 care homes listed on offer virtual viewings. In 2021, online visibility is simply a must if service providers want to stay ahead of the competition. And it’s much more financially accessible than you may think. To find out more about how Soft Focus can help your service stand out, and to discuss your requirements, contact us today. 

Confidence building

Moving into a care home is often a tough decision full of worries and what-ifs. The prospective resident will want to make sure that they’ll feel comfortable and at home. Their family will be anxious to ensure that their loved one will be safe and well cared for. And everyone will want to make sure that a visit will go ahead even if there’s a pandemic, for example through the provision of a visitor pod. Thus, being able to demonstrate that a care home is a welcoming and nurturing environment run to the highest professional standards is critical for every provider. 

One way to introduce a care home to a potential resident is through virtual tours. Virtual tours allow a home to be viewed through a computer, tablet or phone screen. With more and more homes offering this service, it can make the difference between being shortlisted – or scrolled past. 


virtual tours for care homes

Virtual tours go beyond photographs; they enable every prospective tenant to explore a home. Through virtual tours, viewers can get a sense for a home’s feel before they commit to a real-life visit. Creating a sense of transparency and familiarity, virtual tours give care homes an opportunity to show off their unique setting, attract residents and stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Virtual tours are also an excellent tool for supporting a new resident to familiarise themselves with their new home ahead of their move. This can be particularly useful if they’re unable to visit, for example for health reasons or due to a lockdown. 

Everything from room options to bathrooms, communal areas, dining rooms, and recreation options can be explored. Details like wall colours, curtain patterns and room layout can all be virtually experienced. It’s even possible to include outdoor space, so that viewers can get a feel for the grounds the home is in. In short, virtual tours really are the next best thing to a physical visit.

What’s involved?  

To create a virtual tour, a single member of our team will go into your residential facility and capture the property to your specifications. The space will be photographed from floor to ceiling, giving a 360 degree view. The content will then be edited, enabling each viewer to take themselves on a self-guided tour. Not only does virtual touring facilitate a deeper engagement with your service, it also helps prospective clients feel prepared ahead of meeting the care team face to face.  

We know that you’re busy running a demanding service, so of course we understand that things get missed when preparing for our visit. That’s where a touch of virtual tidying can be a godsend. Whether it’s a forgotten binbag, a sink full of dishes or any other eyesore, we can save you the stress by simply editing it out later. The editing process also allows us to make your tour truly bespoke. For example, we can maximise brand awareness by placing your logo on every tv screen within the tour.

Why us?

With years of experience providing virtual services for our clients behind us, Soft Focus will guide you through the process from start to finish. We offer a full package of services that are guaranteed to make your home shine.  


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