How to get your property to market before it’s ready

We all know that first impressions are everything. When it comes to selling a property, a beautifully staged home can sell twice as fast (HSA 2020). And with most property searches starting on the internet, how estate agents present the property online is crucial.

How can virtual staging help?

Virtual staging uses state of the art software to bring out the very best in every room. It takes care of everything from wall colours to carpets, rugs to paintings, and plants to lights. Need to demonstrate that a king size bed and double wardrobe will still leave plenty of space in the bedroom? Virtual staging can do that. Selling a house with an unusual layout? We can help you showcase the best use of the space. With dozens of colour schemes, designs and a realistic appearance, virtual staging is your best friend when it comes to really bringing a space to life.

According to the Home Staging Association, the popularity of virtual staging trebled between May 2019 and May 2020. And we’re not surprised. It’s a truly exceptional approach that can ignite your viewers’ imaginations, helping them to easily see the full potential of any property. Plus, it’s much cheaper, quicker, and a lot more versatile than traditional staging.

Virtual staging truly enables prospective buyers to picture themselves living in a property. In fact, it’s an essential marketing tool if your goal is to maximise sales. Staging a property can lead to an increase in viewings and could increase the offer value by as much as 10%, as well as leading to a quicker sale (HSA 2020).


How to make a room look dressed

Help prospective buyers visualise a vacant property

Another reason to consider virtual staging is if the property is empty. The Appraisal Institute found that empty houses can take longer to sell and could lose as much as 6% in value. Virtual staging can be applied to every part of a property and can really help viewers get a sense for the layout and size of a space.

Virtual staging is also an absolute godsend when it comes to selling a property that is so cluttered that all its best features are hidden. A few expertly clicks of a button and that maximalist décor can be turned into delightfully bright and airy neutral minimalism. Likewise, a property in need of redecorating or one adorned in a particularly quirky style can really shine with a virtual makeover. Virtual staging can also be very useful when presenting a house in multiple occupation (hmo) as a family home. The key here is to help your viewer imagine what a property could look like before they see it in its current condition.

Virtual staging even allows property developers to target different cohorts of buyers by virtually decorating multiple properties in a range of styles to suit different tastes. The possibilities are truly endless.

At Soft-Focus, we use the latest virtual staging technology to increase the selling opportunity of every property. Our team of experienced photographers and designers can take a house and transfer it into a home your viewers can’t resist. To see more about how we can help sell properties, check out our property page on our website: drop me an e-mail or call me in the office 01926 298088.


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