5 Reasons your property listing needs virtual staging to sell

Virtual staging can make a property significantly more marketable by highlighting its best characteristics. There are numerous scenarios when a digital touch up can make the difference between a captivated prospective buyer and one that quickly scrolls on to the next property. Below we discuss some of the most common reasons a sale property requires a virtual makeover.




1. The property is surrounded by building materials 

Scaffolding, skips and piles of building materials, albeit a common sight on new development sites, create a less than ideal backdrop for a sales photo. Yet to get ahead of the competition, it’s essential to start generating interest by pushing your properties out into the market as soon as possible. Virtual staging software can remove every unsightly element to make sure a potential buyer’s attention is immediately drawn to the attractive design of the building.  



2. The garden hasn’t been touched since last summer

Virtual staging can also be used to make a less than Chelsea worthy garden stand out from the crowd. While we always advise our clients to present any property in a realistic way, virtual staging can certainly tidy up those overgrown bushes and unruly brambles to uncover a delightful lawn. And with every square metre of outdoor space a coveted addition to any property, it really does make sense to help your viewers picture themselves hosting a delicious barbeque for all their favourite friend or their children playing in the garden. You can even use virtual staging to demonstrate that there would be enough space for a man cave/summer house at the bottom.  

Of course, it’s not just the outside of a property that virtual staging can improve. There are several internal challenges that we come up against time and time again when helping our clients make a house a home. 



3. The property is occupied by tenants

Virtual staging software can be used to tidy up and redecorate a lived-in property in a light, neutral style. You can even change the tiles in the bathroom or refresh some chipped paint in the kitchen. Using virtual staging in this way causes minimal hassle to the tenants while giving your property optimum sales opportunity. 



4. The property is part of a deceased’s estate 

Quite often in these circumstances the people left behind have so much to deal with that freshening up the property to make it sale ready is the last thing on their mind. Virtual staging can take some of that pressure off and help the property outshine the rest.



5. To change how a room is used

Virtual staging can turn a nursery into a home office – something to consider as demand is rising for properties where working from home is not just possible but enjoyable. Equally, a room which has been used for storage can be turned into an attractive guest bedroom. Virtual staging really is unique in its ability to help a property appeal to a very wide range of buyers.



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