360 Degree Virtual Tours for Business

Virtual tours for business have been around for years and whilst they have been very popular in 2020, at Soft-Focus we feel like quite the experts having a fair few years under our belt.

Virtual tours are excellent for showing off the interior and exterior of any type of venue or business and allowing an online audience to view the surroundings at their leisure and on a variety of different devices. We’ve been carrying our virtual tours since 2012, however, 2020 has certainly been our busiest year yet for this service.


Benefits of our virtual tours for business

  • Help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Support your brand awareness
  • Increase customer engagement and interaction
  • Provide helpful content for your social media and email marketing
  • Live video chat feature within tour for you and prospective clients

There are so many names for virtual tours; 3D tours, 360 tours, interactive tours, Google Streetview inside my business, Matterport etc. Most of these terms mean the same thing, however, Matterport is a brand, think Hoover and Post-it Notes.

Our ours are extremely versatile and can include:

  • Upload to Google Street View
  • Outside areas
  • Editing/ touch-ups can be carried out
  • Videos can be integrated within the tour
  • Text/ information points added
  • TV screen replacements (add in additional branding)
  • Fully customized theme
  • High quality
  • Not every room and corridor has to be included to complete a tour
  • Live video chat feature

Virtual tours are very useful for when a person cannot attend the location in person, due to distance, time, or even a pandemic! Sometimes a real-life tour isn’t always needed, and it is just a simple memory jog required, such as for an events planner needing to check out the logistics of a room for their client – where could the registration desk be set up? This creates reassurance with your customer, and when they are reassured, they are more likely to book your venue, buy your property, eat at your restaurant. Likewise, virtual tours are a fantastic marketing tool to increase your business brand awareness and will increase your visitors’ browsing time on your website with interactive features. Virtual tours for business have even been used recently to help recruitment processes, while some offices are not all fully operational right now, it has become popular for virtual tours to be used to allow prospective employees a chance to see the environment they could be working in and give them a feel for the business they are applying for a role at.

We have produced virtual tours for businesses across Warwickshire and The Midlands in many sectors and are still adding to our list. Industries include hospitality and leisure, retail shops, corporate offices, schools and colleges, healthcare industries such as care homes, residential homes, senior living, properties such as estate agents, property developers and architects, and many more. When we create virtual tours we also help our clients utilise their tour to its full potential. We do this by working closely with our clients and finding out more information on their current and upcoming marketing strategies to see where we can help them use their virtual tour. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge working with many marketing departments to share our ideas and findings to ensure businesses gain true value from their tour. We are also Google certified and Google Trusted Photographers so we can help add your tour onto your Google My Business Page and help your SEO ranking online.


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