Why is professional product photography essential for online sales?

Clear & Concise

Professional product photography is exceptional quality compared to just a phone camera or even your standard DSLR that you could use at home.

Professional photography is essential for any online business that wants to communicate every detail of their products to their customers. Why would you sell yourself short? Showcasing small details can enhance a buyer’s experience and be the difference between a purchase on your online store and purchase on a competitor’s online store, why take the risk?

Amazon photography
Studio product photography


If you run a clothing brand, for example, professional photography can also be utilised to convey a certain aesthetic that aligns with your brand to provide a complete sense of consistency and fluidity across your website. The bottom line is the better your website looks to a customer, the more likely they are to purchase something from there, this goes for absolutely any industry not just clothing. For example, a holiday home company or even just an AirBnB individual would really benefit from professional photography so their potential customers can get a clear look at where they will be staying. Especially with marketplace listings such as Airbnb, this will help your listings stand out from the rest and attract more customers.

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Buyer Trust

Another benefit to using professional product photography on your website or online store is that clear, quality photos provide an element of honesty with the buyer, everything they’re looking to buy is visible, there’s no secrets or hidden surprises. That level of trust with the buyer is essential to making sales because an unprofessional look in which some aspects or parts of the product aren’t visible (particularly on marketplace listings) is a major put-off to potential customers.

Increase Sales

Investing in professional product photography is not only a great investment for the overall look and feel of your website or online store, a lot of the time you can actually achieve a higher price for an item that a competitor may have cheaper but with worse, less professional photos. People are much more likely to purchase something at a higher price from a website they know they can trust with an item they can visibly see every detail rather than a website with lower quality photography.

Product photos are the single most important thing when it comes to selling a product, you could have a fully SEO-optimised product description professionally written but if your product photos aren’t up to scratch chances are you’re not going to make the sale compared a product listing with a slightly worse product description but much better professional-quality photos.

The ideal would be to have both to give your products the absolute best chance of selling and professional product photography is the way to achieve that.

In conclusion whilst it may cost more than standard photography that could be achieved on your everyday smartphone, professional photography is a great investment into your business and products that could even see you raise your prices slightly. You could even try it out and see what kind of results or reactions you get from the new photos and you’ll be able to see for yourself first hand the benefits.


If you are selling on any of the large online retail websites such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay or even your own online e-commerce shop, ensure your product images stand out and you convert the sale. We also offer interactive 360-degree product photography spins to show off every angle of your product. Contact us for more information or a quote to see how we can boost your sales.


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