Powerful way your business can use 360 Virtual Tours Post Lockdown

360 Virtual Tours helping local businesses post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on businesses in almost every industry. One of the most obvious impacts is the massive drop in customer confidence over their personal safety in public space such as shops, restaurants, and hotels.

If you’re a business owner looking to get back on your feet post-lockdown, you might be wondering how best to restore buyer confidence. We at Soft-Focus are here to share our top suggestion: Interactive 360 Virtual Tours.

How can 360 Virtual Tours restore customer confidence?

You might be wondering how a 360 virtual tour can help to make customers feel more comfortable returning to public spaces. We’ve used our expertise to put together a list of reasons why 360 virtual tours will be the perfect way to get customers back into your business.

It’s the easiest way to show everything is safe.

It’s completely understandable that people want to know what a restaurant or shop will look like before they consider going back. Using a 360-degree tour allows your customers to take a look at everything from the comfort of their own home, on their computer, phone or tablet.

Soft-Focus create some of the highest quality tours that are also interactive. This means that customers can load the tour on their device at home and take a look round your business to check what safety measures that you as a business have put into place to keep people safe and healthy.

360 Virtual Tours helping local businesses post COVID-19
Dough & Brew in Warwick

As mentioned, our 360 virtual tours are interactive. This means your customers can look around at their own pace and check on the areas that will most concern them. For example, they might want to see your dining tables are appropriately spaced, or that your shop has a one-way system and distancing measures in place.

Along with being interactive, our 360 virtual tours are customisable to fit your brand and colour. We can add videos, photographs or other relevant media to help further explain any areas of concern. Just let us know what you want to include and we’ll get it done.


One of the best features of our 360 virtual tours is that they can be uploaded to a number of different platforms. They’re really easy to embed directly into your business’s website. Also, you can add them to your social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube. 


Interactive 360 Degree Virtual Tour of a Bathroom Showroom.

This is a big advantage to businesses that use social media for customer interaction. You’ll probably find you’re getting lots of messages from customers asking about your new measures. If so, direct them to your interactive tour where they’ll be able to find all their answers.

360 virtual tours are ideal for restoring customer confidence because they offer a way to check everything is safe. They’re particularly suited for this purpose because customers don’t even need to leave the comfort of their own home.

If you think a 360 virtual tour would be the best way to get your customers back on board, contact us today to see how we can help. We are based in Warwick, Warwickshire. However, we do cover the West Midlands, Coventry, Birmingham, the Cotswolds, Worceshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Nottinghamshire and further afield. If you would like to find out more please get in touch we can discuss your requirements, and deliver a high quality professional virtual tour.

Hotel 360 Virtual Tour Warwickshire
360 Degree Virtual Tour for hotels, B&Bs, Serviced Accommodation and AirB&B.

Get in Touch. 

16K Resolution 360 Photography – HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) to show the full range of light – Cross-Platform, works on your website, Facebook, your computer, mobile phone or tablet.


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