Primary School Interactive 360 Degree Virtual Tour (COVID-19)

During the COVID-19 outbreak, schools needed to take on new measures to ensure there was optimum safety for all staff and children. Measures included handwashing stations, desks spaced out, one way systems around the corridors, and any many more.  We helped St Lawrence Primary School in Napton on the Hill, Warwickshire to show their students who would be returning to their education setting how their school will now look. Helping to reduce any fears children may have about the changes and to reassure not only them but their parents that all safety measures have been carried out. 

These interactive 360-degree virtual tours allow the viewer to move around the school classrooms and outside facilities at their own pace. 

The transitional year groups were unable to meet their new teacher for the next academic year. Therefore the school provided us with video messages from the teachers giving a warm welcome to their new students in September. We embedded the introduction video within the tour in each of the classrooms for parents and children to view.  


Click here to view the virtual tour

Primary School Virtual Tour


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